Growing Azalea Music is an independently run and owned record label, music publishing and production company. It features the work of award-winning singer-songwriter, flutist and composer Margaret Bernstein, who is internationally known for her “socially awakened songs and uplifting instrumental compositions”.

Record Label

Growing Azalea Music is an independently run record label featuring the Socially Awakened pop songs and Uplifting classically inspired Instrumental Compositions of Margaret Bernstein.

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Publishing & Licensing

Growing Azalea Music is an independent music publishing company affiliated with the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) featuring music for films, television productions, and school choruses.

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Growing Azalea Music is a music production company responsible for the creation of music videos and live performances including shows with Margaret Bernstein’s band, solo acoustic sets and music for weddings and special occasions.

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Margaret Bernstein’s Mother, Bunty Kelley Bernstein, dies at age 92

Bunty dancing in Sleeping Beauty with the Royal Ballet in London during the 1930’s Margaret Bernstein’s Mother, former dancer, Bunty Kelley Bernstein, passed away peacefully in her home in Delmar,…

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