Margaret Bernstein Biography

Margaret Bernstein is an award winning singer-songwriter, composer and flutist with a unique voice, dynamic lyrics, and a positive and compelling message. Internationally known for her Socially Awakened Songs and Uplifting Instrumental compositions, Margaret is a classically trained musician and accomplished instrumental performer. Margaret’s musical compositions, songs and music videos are heard and seen throughout the world via social media sites, her websites ( and and internet radio stations. Her current fan base includes listeners in Moroco, India, Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Margaret’s new CD, “Distant Thunder”, has just been released on the Growing Azalea Music label. Featuring the production work of Super Buddha (Blondie’s production team), “Distant Thunder” consists of a dozen soul wrenching and thought provoking songs. It includes the hit single “Cinderella Falling”, which is also the soundtrack of the popular music video starring Margaret dancing with her rooster Bob. Margaret’s debut singer-songwriter CD, “Bricks in the Wall”, is a collection of eleven original songs and a music video aimed at the awareness and healing of the lesser- known aspects of domestic violence. Margaret’s discography also includes two instrumental albums, “Full Circle” and “On the Threshold Of Change”, which include her original compositions for flute and piano accompaniment and a compilation album produced by The Who’s Pete Townsend on which Margaret has performed a flute solo. Several of her compositions have been licensed to TV and video productions including the Chelsea Lately show.

Growing up into a family of professional dancers, Margaret was exposed to the Performing Arts an early age and began writing her own compositions by age seven. Margaret engaged in careers as a freelance flutist in the San Francisco Bay Area and a public school teacher in upstate New York before launching her career as a singer- songwriter. Her virtuosity on the flute earned her degrees in music performance from the Oberlin Conservatory and Arizona State University, the latter which she obtained through a full tuition scholarship. Margaret has performed throughout the United States and abroad sharing the stage with Tuck and Patty, Renassiance’s Annie Haslam and Raphael Rudd, pianists Mary Watkins and Adrienne Torf, and jazz guitarist Mimi Fox among other notable musicians. Her recent performances include a full-length show with her five-piece band at the Egg Center for the Performing Arts in Albany, New York. Additional performances include an opera season with the Albany Symphony and five seasons with the Dance Brigade’s “Nutcracker Sweetie” production in Oakland, California. In addition, Margaret’s musical compositions, many of which were inspired by her travels throughout the States and her pilgrimages to India, have won her many awards including the UNISONG international songwriting competition, eight successive years of the ASCAP plus award, and first place in the instrumental division of West Coat songwriter’s competition.

The passion, which Margaret puts into her music, is also evident in her work as an educator and advocate for youth. She is currently the president of the Board of Azalea Blossom, Incorporated, a 501c3 organization, which Margaret founded. Margaret regularly performs assembly concerts with her five- piece band as a part of the SAFE through the Arts program, a violence prevention program, which Margaret created and has instructed at public middle schools throughout New York State. Margaret’s band has also actively been engaged in performing benefit concerts for domestic violence and women’s shelters. Her large catalogue of original repertoire includes “Believe”, the SAFE through the Arts theme song, which Margaret wrote in order to help empower youth. She is also the founder of the Youth Sahavas, a retreat for teenagers held annually in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In addition, Margaret has written two original children’s musicals, “The Little Seed” and “The Trees’ Song for Peace” as well as songs for children and school choruses, which have been performed at public, private, and charter schools throughout the United States.

Margaret is actively involved in all aspects of her music career including the creation of the songs, story lines and production of all of her albums and music videos. Despite her engaging career, Margaret manages to balance her musical endeavors with her other responsibilities and interests, including hiking, cross-country skiing, and riding her horse, Reba. Although she has residencies in both Upstate New York and East Sussex, England. Margaret spends most of her time on her five-acre-farm in the foothills of the Catskills, New York, with her fifteen animals and her fifteen- year-old son, Julian Jacobs, a sophomore at Greenville High School and percussionist with the Empire State Youth Orchestra and Percussion Ensembles.