Margaret Bernstein - Bricks in the Wall Album Cover
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Bricks in the Wall

  • Breath of Air
  • Curtains Falls
  • Bricks In The Wall
  • Midnight
  • The Bare Minimum
  • The Fight To Be Strong
  • You Must Have Heard Me Pray
  • Let You Go
  • The Life We Never Had
  • There's Nothing Left To Do (But Say Goodbye)
  • Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Bricks in the Wall (1997) is Margaret's debut singer-songwriter album about a woman's experiences with domestic violence. It encompasses many of the emotions and difficulties a woman must face, from leaving the relationship to gaining custody of her child. Ultimately it is a reflection on love, loss, and gaining the strength and wisdom to move forward. The CD is sold with a DVD of the Bricks in the Wall music video, and $3.00 from each album sale goes toward funding Margaret's SAFE through the Arts program for the prevention and awareness of domestic violence for middle school students. To learn more about Safe through the Arts, please visit, Growing Azalea's non-profit sister organization.

Track Descriptions:

Breath of Air - This up-tempo song with full band production deals with the emotions involved with the realization that there may be something amiss in the relationship.

Curtains Falls - This lyrical ballad featuring cello accompaniment celebrates self-love and/or offers comfort to a friend.

Bricks In The Wall - The theme song of the album addressing the less obvious and publicized aspects of domestic violence also features Margaret's flute and piano playing.

Midnight - This haunting ballad featuring piano with full band reminds us that Love can pull us through even in the darkest of hours.

The Bare Minimum - Often unexpressed emotions including anger are the theme for this up-tempo energetic song.

The Fight To Be Strong - This anathematic song rings true for women who have suffered domestic abuse while offering courage and hope.

You Must Have Heard Me Pray - The gratitude in obtaining custody rights is the subject of his lyrical ballad with full string arrangements.

Let You Go - This lyrical country ballad features the fiddle and mandolin playing of Kathy Mathea's Eamon O Rourke with full band.

The Life We Never Had - Classical music inspired this tear jerking mid tempo song featuring violin, flute and cello.

There's Nothing Left To Do (But Say Goodbye) - The title of this up beat country meets rock song sums up the subject matter of this song.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Hope and encouragement are the themes of the concluding song of the album performed by full band with the accompaniment of bells and harmony vocals.

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