People Behind the Scenes

JeanieJeannette Lo Vetri, Vocal Coach

Jeanette LoVetri (AKA “Jeanie”) is the founder of the Voice Workshop in New York City and the creator of “Somatic Voicework™“, a unique body-based voice training program. For more than thirty years, Jeanie has provided cutting-edge vocal information for singers, singing teachers, colleges, universities, conservatories, corporations and those who work with or care for the voice. A sought out vocal coach in the NYC area as well as professor at New York University, Jeanie has a very prestigious roster of her students, which include children music phenomenon Laurie Berkner as well as several of the lead singers in current Broadway shows. Jeanie, who has been Margaret’s vocal coach for the last four years, has been instrumental in Margaret’s approach to singing and her music career.

John Germain LetoJohn Germain Leto, Consultant

Margaret’s inspirational person for the month of April is John Germain Leto, founder of “Rock Star in You”, an image consulting service for musicians based in New York City. John, who previously worked with Usher and Beyonce among other artists, was instrumental in helping hone Margaret’s image in the “Cinderella Falling” music video. In addition to giving Margaret valuable tools to help elevate her career, John has also been inspirational to Margaret on a personal level. John, like Margaret, is a seeker of the truth and inspired by the intrinsic beauty in nature. John’s newsletters are courageous and inspiring and are always filled with valuable insight. John, through his commitment to honesty and integrity, not only helps artists with their image by bringing out their “inner rock star”, but he also aspires to help each person with whom he works to his/her greatest potential.