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Margaret Bernstein and Beguine begins

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Margaret Jean Bernstein, Flutist/Composer

Award-winning songwriter/composer/flutist Margaret Jean Bernstein is known for her Socially Awakened Songs and Uplifting Instrumental compositions. A graduate in flute performance from Oberlin Conservatory (BM) and Arizona State UniverisMargaret Bernstein - Flute, Piano for Weddings in Upstate New Yorkty (MM). She has performed as a solo musician internationally and has released four solo albums on her own Growing Azalea Music label. In addition, her flute playing is featured on an album by Renaissance’s former harpist/pianist produced by the Who’s Pete Townsend. Her catalogue of over one hundred recorded compositions includes several children’s songs including two children’s musicals. Her original music has been heard on the Chelsea Lately show and PBS. Margaret is also the founder of SAFE through the arts, a bullying prevention and empowerment educational program geared for PreK and kindergarten children. Her “Songs from SAFE through the arts” is currently being considered for a Grammy nomination.


Gabriel Dresdale, Cellist/Composer  

A cellist since age 5, Gabriel Dresdale is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who has studied Music cello Performance at The Music Conservatory at Brooklyn College. In addition, he has studied Composition with the world-renowned composer and baritone saxophonist Fred Ho.screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-november-30-9-26-49-pm
In addition to playing cello and composing for
Beguine,  Gabriel is currently playing cello with and writing for the Hudson Valley based ensemble, the Levanta and Sonark Trio, as well as in Mariana and Gabriel, a musical collaboration with his Brazilian partner. He also teaches private music lessons, and is the artist in residence at Christ’s Lutheran Church in Woodstock, NY. In the Spring of 2014 he went on a two month tour in Europe with Simone Felice of The Felice Brothers.

Through his music, Gabriel strives to create a synthesis of intellect and emotion; tackling the challenges of environmental, social, and political change through his art. Gabriel Dresdale hopes to contribute to the spiritual awakening and renewal of humanity through his music, and to help inspire the formation of a global community in which human beings coexist peacefully with each other and the earth.


Mark Kelseo, Pianist/Composer screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-november-30-9-26-36-pm

In addition to his recordings on the Virgin Records/Narada label, Mark Kelso has over twenty-five solo and collaborative recordings to his credit.

Mark has toured extensively throughout North America including performances at Madison Square Garden, with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra,  and at the National  Music Center, appearing with Christopher Reeve, Dee
pak Chopra, Oriah Mountain Dreamer and Michael Jackson among others.

Mark founded Muddy Angel Music and Arts, Inc. in the early 1990’s in order to create music that neither shies away from, nor panders to, the religious and spiritual themes.