Instrumental Mid-Tempo Pieces

Blessed (Divine Blessings without flute)

An uplifting feel-good mid-tempo instrumental song in the pop genre with build.

Believing (Believe instrumental-no melody)

An instrumental ballad in the pop genre.

Moving Forward (Breath of Air)

An upbeat instrumental song in a minor key featuring piano.

Joining Hands

This uplifting pop instrumental is a mid-tempo production and features Margaret’s piano.

Southern Sunset

This instrumental country ballad features fiddle and mandolin and brings about a sense of peace.

Proud Of You

This mid-tempo pop instrumental, which features piano and mallets has a hopeful and uplifting feeling.

Thunderous Trials

This mid-tempo pop instrumental featuring piano has a driving beat and is motivational.

Triumphant Times

An instrumental featuring flute, that builds to fill the listener with hope and cheer.

Skipping Along

This track is a hopeful pop instrumental featuring up-beat piano.

Fresh Air

This elegant but poignant instrumental in a minor key features acoustic flute and piano.

Embracing New Frontiers

This mid-tempo pop instrumental features piano, and has a head nodding beat as the track builds.

Last Slow Dance

This instrumental pop ballad with strings and acoustic piano, is a passionate and cinematic song with a steady beat.

New Life Journey And Dance

Beginning with a flute duet evoking longing of the spirit, the piece engages grand piano and bass in creating a lively up tempo mood.

Song For Michael

This youthful, cheerful melody for flute, piano and chimes evokes happy childhood memories.

Joy In My Life

A simple joyful piece for flute and harp.

Understanding Integration

A dreamy, spatial composition reminiscent of ocean waves.


A melodic, classical-sounding tune with flute, sampled strings – Margaret Bernstein , cello – Gay Dunn.

Awakening Hearts And Souls Dance

A lyrical, flowing, waltz-like melody flute, piano, sampled strings – Margaret Bernstein , cello – Gay Dunn.

Embracing Intimacy

A contemporary classical composition for flute and piano evoking a sense of longing.