Instrumental Up-Tempo Pieces


This up-tempo pop instrumental featuring piano is determined and driving.

Golden Opportunities

This catchy, up-tempo country/pop instrumental gives the feeling of a fresh start and moving on.

Happy Memories

An assertive yet playful mid-tempo pop instrumental that has a country edge to it.

Navigating Stormy Seas

This up-beat pop instrumental, which features piano, is an edgy song with a rock feel in the chorus.

New Visions

This up-tempo pop instrumental featuring piano with electronic elements is energetic and catchy.

Loving Life

This up beat and happy pop instrumental will get you moving with its steady beat.

Approaching Amartithi

Written for flute, violin and piano, this happy piece evokes a sense of peace as well as excitement as the tempo and dynamics increase within the composition.

Meherabad Morning

Reminiscent of classical chamber music, this lively piece in triple time featuring flute, piano, cello and acoustic bass makes listeners want to dance.

On The Threshold Of Change

A lively, upbeat victory song featuring flute, piano – Margaret Bernstein percussion, sampled bass – Warren Dennis Kahn.

Surrender To A Safe Place

A tranquil, meditative piece featuring flute, piano, sampled harp – Margaret Bernstein , cello – Gay Dunn.

Breaking Through

A joyful and jazzy samba-like dance tune featuring flute, piano – Margaret Bernstein , percussion – Warren Dennis Kahn , guitar – Mimi Fox (courtesy of Monarch Records).