Growing Azalea Music May Notes and News 2013

New Websites for Growing Azalea Music and Margaret Bernstein!

As times change, so do our websites! If you have looked at the Growing Azalea Music or Margaret Bernstein websites lately, you will see that we have a new look. Thanks to Dan and Ariel from local graphic arts team Tone Creative, we now have word press sites that will be easy for us to update and maintain on a regular basis. The new Growing Azalea Music site reflects the three main functions of our company-record label, music publishing and music production – while the Margaret Bernstein site now highlights some of the old features of the old GAM site including the Inspiration section. Please take a look and let us know what you think!

Growing Azalea Music Staff Graduations and Staff Picks

Five lovely ladies from the Growing Azalea Music/Azalea Blossom office will be donning their caps and gowns soon! Congratulations to Growing Azalea Music interns Shannon Mingal, Nicole Gillette, and Kelly Malave who will be graduating from SUNY Albany this month. Also kudos to Office Manager, Jocelyn Stoddard, who will be graduating from Russell Sage College in Troy, New York and to Azalea Blossom intern, Becca Maltzman, who will be graduating from Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York. You can learn more about these wonderful women on the Growing Azalea Music website. They will even tell you about their favorite tune from Margaret’s music catalogue! 

Thank you Alek! 

Growing Azalea Music would like to thank Alek Speck for his dedicated service as both Growing Azalea Music and Azalea Blossom’s webmaster for the last seven years! Not only has he updated the content on both of these sites on a regular basis, but he has only been responsible for sending out the newsletter once a month. In addition, Alek has helped with adding MP3 content to our social media sites, uploading music videos on  you tube and countless other things relating to our internet presence over the last seven years. Alek, who was formerly a resident of Rensselaerville New York and also a graduate from McGill Univeristy in Montreal, is currently living in California where he freelances as a web designer when not touring globally with his brother’s bands. We all appreciate all of his dedicated work with us over the years and wish him all the best in all of his endeavors!

Margaret’s Recent and Upcoming Performances

Margaret recently had the opportunity to perform with some of Upstate New York’s finest musicians (including Brian Melick, Kim and Reggie Harris and Peter Davis) at the Woodstock Jewish Congregation for the 25th Anniversary celebration of Rabbi Jonathan. Recent performances of Margaret also included a standing room only concert at the Meher Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina last month as well as a well received performance at Taste Budds in Redhook, New York. Upcoming shows include an appearance at the Cat in the Cream coffee house on the Oberlin College campus later this month during Margaret’s class reunion. Please visit our concert calendars for all the news and show updates!

New Blogs for Writer’s Wednesdays

To accompany the popular twitter trend of #WriterWednedays, we are starting a new trend on the Margaret Bernstein site. Beginning this week, every Wednesday we will be posting a new blog! Coming up is a new blog about Margaret’s experience at the ASACP EXPO, which she recently attended in Los Angelos. Please be sure to share your comments after reading.

News from Azalea Blossom, Inc.

Thanks to secretary Eva Zseller-Karlsen, Azalea Blossom, Inc. now has a new mail box in the borough of Queens in New York City. We are looking forward to the opportunity to  bring the SAFE through the Arts program into New York City soon. Please stay posted for more news on this exciting venture!

Wedding Music 

Do you need music for your upcoming wedding or special event? Growing Azalea Music offers ensembles for every occasion and budget. Please visit our wedding page on the new website for more information and to hear musical selections. weddings


Inspirational Place

Margaret’s inspirational place of the month of May is the beautiful Meher Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where Margaret recently visited and performed.

Inspirational Person

In honor of Mother’s Day this month, the inspirational person for May is Margaret’s adopted Nana, Catherine Furey, who lived to be the oldest woman on Long Island, New York at age one hundred and ten! /inspiration


Mary Kate C, Katie C, Rebecca R, Paul H, Gus S, Scott H, Serena K, Erin O, Kerry M, Ellie K,  Leslie C, Don R, George Rose, Tracy W, Gabriella P, Darren C, Astrid M, Claudia R, Dina SG, Kasheem, Larry T, Jill B, Rustom M, Nicki T, Deb W, Hana P, Jerry W, Judy M, Alyssa L, Don O, Adam W, Rob T, Barry K, Betty R

In Need of Prayer

  • To everyone who is grieving a loss.
  • To anyone who is suffering- either physically, mentally or emotionally.


  • To all of the hard working mothers out there for your dedication and compassion!
  • To all college graduates everywhere for your perseverance and outstanding achievements.

Quote of the Month

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own.” (Benjamin Disraeli)

Cinderella Falling


Cinderella Falling – the new hit single from singer-songwriter
Purchase at CD Baby

The Cinderella Falling Music Video is now on YouTube!


Lyrics and Music by Margaret Bernstein, © 2010 Growing Azalea Music, ASCAP

Cinderella Falling Music Video Credits


Cinderella-Christine McKenna
Bad Prince Charming-Rob Findlay
Fairy Godmother-Margaret Bernstein
Evil Stepsister-Katelyn Gleason
Piano Player-Julian Jacobs
Maids-Golda Kelli Ryan and Kristina Nunez
Cook-Rob DiSario
Rooster-Bob the Rooster
Party Guests-Phyllernise Sites, James Neas and Karen Reilly


Directors – Mitchell and Catie Riggs
Editor – Mitchell Riggs
Producer – Catie Riggs
Cinematographer – Andrew Bellware
Camera B – Valeri Lantz-Gefroh and Noel Heroux
Storyboards – Margaret Bernstein
Wardrobe – Jenny Greene and Maria Niora
Make-up and Hair – Bethany Brill

Cinderella Falling Audio Credits

Margaret Bernstein-Lead and background vocals, piano
Vinny Conigilano-Drums
Lou Giminez-Electric and acoustic guitars, bass
Barb Morrison-Additional guitars
Engineered by Lou Giminez and Randy Merryl at the Music Lab studio, Elmont, NY
Produced and mixed by Charlie Nieland and Barb Morrision, Brooklyn, NY
Additional production by Lou Giminez
Additional mix by Mark Dann

Notes from the songwriter about Cinderella Falling…

Inspiration for writing a song often comes from a compilation of interesting life stories, and Cinderella Falling is no exception. When I first wrote the song several years ago, I was dating an ER doctor and also working as a music teacher in the projects of Troy, New York. My office was actually an old shower stall! The extreme contrast of these two worlds coupled with the parodies of communication challenges lead to the writing of the song, which ultimately lead to the making of the Cinderella Falling music video. Often the best art is born from a collaboration of creative minds coming together. This has certainly been the case, not only in the audio recording of Cinderella, but also in the making of the music video, which I hope you will take the opportunity to watch. I welcome your comments and hope that you enjoy!

Cinderella Falling is the first single from the long-awaited “Distant Thunder” album by Margaret Bernstein, which will be released in 2010. Margaret’s previously released CD, “Bricks in the Wall” (which also contains a music video DVD), is also available on CDBaby.

Pictures from the Cinderella Falling Music Video Release Party
at Ciao Bella in Manhattan, January 9, 2010

Margaret Bernstein at the recent celebration of the
Cinderella Falling Music video at Ciao Bella.

Margaret with (left to right) Director Mitchell Riggs, Producer Catie Zambri Riggs, and Assistant Director Valeri Lantz-Gefroh.

Margaret with the producers of the Cinderella Falling soundtrack,
Charlie Nieland and Barb Morrison.

Margaret with members of the Cinderella Falling Music Video Cast: Julian Jacobs (the “piano player”), Rob Findlay (“Prince Charming”)and Christine McKenna (“Cinderella”).

Pictures from the Cinderella Falling Music Video shoot