Internship with Growing Azalea Music in Licensing and Publishing

Growing Azalea Music, an independent music publishing, record label and music production company located in Rensselaerville, New York affiliated with ASCAP and the Recording Academy has an available internship position for Director of Licensing


• Organize MP3 files through an iTune library for licensing purposes.

• Ensure that all songs have been properly tagged using metadata. Download properly tagged songs on to USB ports in preparation for meetings with Music Directors.

• Utilize sound cloud and drop box for sending songs to prospective publishers, producers and music libraries.

• Follow through with with current, previous and prospective publishing and licensing deals including sheet music publishing. Keep a data file on all related contacts, deals and placements.

• Actively research new leads for publishing and licensing opportunities.

• Use social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Reverb Nation, Grammy Pro, YouTube) to promote songs to be considered for licensing and/or publishing opportunities. Upload music, add content and generate more fans on these sites.

• Update the company’s licensing page according to genre and style.

• Duplicate songs on to CD’s and mail to industry professionals, as requested.

• Keep track of all songs and compositions in our catalogue ensuring they registered with ASCAP and the Office of Copy write under each title and alternate titles.


• College credit

• Travel certificate

• Invaluable hands on experience in a small business environment

• Being a valued team member

• Career skills that can be applied to other employment situations

• Valuable contacts

• Opportunity to become a Grammy U member

Please e-mail GrowingAzaleaMusic77@gmail.com if you are interested in the internship.