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What people are saying about Margaret’s “Cinderella Falling” Music video:

MARGARET BERNSTEIN: Cinderella Falling - Single

“Margaret, another amazing display of talent! I am so impressed with your voice, your lyrics, your son, and your beautiful self. This is a real winner!”
-Joann Hoose, photographer; Feura Bush, NY

“Margaret, I think your new video is awesome! The song, dance, story, and visual scenes really bring me in….and up! This is awesome and very moving… Very beautiful, powerful, message and work in every way! Great job, Congrats! Bravo!! Namste’ Power to the arts and hearts!”
-Nancy Furgal, Harrison Township, Michigan

“Blew me away!”
-Darienne, social worker, Albany, NY

“You just blew me away, I have no words, except you are the best!….superb! Loved it!”
-Marc Flayton, Carboro, North Carolina

“Nicely done, congrats!  I love the video.:-) All the best with it.”
-Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby

“Great music video and song Margaret!”
-Susan White, artist; Myrtle Beach, SC

“Hey, Margaret – Super stuff! Thanks for posting this. Well done.”
-Zuzanna Vee Tepperman, Queens, NY

“Wow!  How great!  Thank you so much for sharing it with me.  You look and sound fantastic.  And your beautiful boy is growing up into quite the handsome young man.”
-Pam Pissari, Paterson, NJ

“It’s spectacular. You are amazing!”
-Janet Nally. Albany, New York

“Congratulations, Margaret! Great job. How exciting!“
-Mary Carlson, Niskyuna, NY

“Margaret! Your video is amazing, and you are stunningly beautiful! It was SO wonderful to hear your voice after all these years!  You are so talented, and I love your work!  If you ever go on tour out this way, I’d love to book you as part of our next Northern Showcase Concert Association series.  Congratulations!  And your son is quite the handsome young man, too.  Lots of love and can’t wait to hear the rest!”
-Sharon J. Dolph, Havre, MT

“Wow!  Great video, Margaret!  :-)“
-Laura Principato, singer/songwriter; San Diego, CA

“Hey Margaret. Loved the video. What a fabulous job you did! And you look beautiful (love the outfits).  I guess that was your son in the video – very handsome. Congratulations!”
-Meg Lawerence, Bridegeport, CT

“Wow!  Great video, Margaret!  :-)“
-Laura Principato, singer/songwriter; San Diego, CA

“Margaret, what a beautiful video and wonderful song!  Congratulations!!”
-Shanin, Santa Rosa, CA

“Wow!  Very cool video and song. I am inspired to see how you have grown and expanded your musical horizons. Thanks for the inspiration.”
-Warren Dennis Kahn, Banquet Sound studios, Sebastapol, CA

“I love your video!..good message, and it’s really engaging.  You look good as the fairy godmother!  Keep doing what your doing!”
-Carolyn Cirnitski, New Paltz, NY

“Absolutely great and you look fantastic… you are so talented …even rooster Bob is in the video…hope it does well.”
-Burt Reiter, Chicago, Illinois

“The video looks great, I need to watch it more. The quality is amazing.”
-Andy Morse, Children’s’ entertainer, Albany, NY

“Wow…. and you got to dress up and everything! That must have been so much fun to shoot! Julian looks really cute too! Bravo!”
-Maraiya Latulippe, Athens, GA

“You are a winner 🙂 Your music video is awesome. You took a subject matter that could be considered cliché and you made it compelling. After seeing it a few times I realized that you had touched on something that is so deeply ingrained in us that we sometimes forget and think we can ignore it. It’s what we were taught and so often there is no fairytale. Brave of you to take this on. And not only that, the melody and the lyrics were so clever and memorable that they stayed in my mind for days. Really Beautiful job all around… including the images and directing!”
-Mathea Rubin, writer, NYC

“Great job Margaret! You inspire me!”
-Julie Kinscheck, singer-songwriter, Boston, MA

“Hey, Margaret — Great song and video!  Beautifully done. Thanks for the link.“
-Brian Darnell, Athens, GA


Bricks In The Wall


“Strong melodic piano driven melodies…the playing is excellent!”
-The World’s Leading Independent A&R Company

“A powerful and beautiful album…Margaret’s musicality shines through every moment. It’s downright slick…the music, the audio quality, even the graphics.”
-Dick Bagwell, musician, Walnut Creek, CA

“Wonderful and inspiring.”
-Darienne, social worker, Albany, NY

“Catchy and lighthearted…positive. Lovely voice.”
-The World’s Leading Independent A&R Company

“I absolutely love your music and so does everyone who happens to be in the room when I’m playing it—especially the latest CD with your singing. You remind me of the Cranberries and 10,000 Maniacs. You are SO good. I can’t wait to meet you and hear you live.”
-Gail Bogossian, CT

“Margaret, you shine! Powerful art! Thank you! Sounding beautiful!! Great visual story, message and cause! Bless you!”

“Bricks in the Wall”…great song; the lyrics are very poignant.”
-The World’s Leading Independent A&R Company


On the Threshold of Change

MARGARET BERNSTEIN: On The Threshold of Change

“I am in heaven …listening to [On the Threshold of Change] music… phenomenal to say the least. Words cannot express.”
-Cherie, Albany, NY


Full Circle


“Wow! What BEAUTIFUL inspiring, enlightening, soulful music!  Well worth the wait! I LOVE it!”
-Mike Straud, magician, Palo Alto, CA

“…Your music is so beautiful, I just cannot stop crying. I’m so moved…”
-Robert Imbrosci, sculptor, Bolton Landing, NY

“Many thanks for … Full Circle… It is beautiful!  I was particularly impressed with  “Rahuri Sunset” and that gorgeous flute resonance that only you possess. Your use of counterpoint is wonderful, and you have a unique way of combining complexity with simplicity that propels your art with mystery and excitement…”
-Bertrand Howard, composer, San Francisco, CA

“Thank You! Thank You! for your beautiful music- Full Circle! I listen to it often- early morning is my favorite time!…”
-Rhonda Trevthick, counselor, Geyserville, CA

“We love your music!  We listen to it when we are writing. It helps us concentrate. And it helps us to learn to be better writers.”
-Children at Awakening Seed School, Tempe, AZ

“Full Circle will spread peace and gentleness through your sound system. Not to mention superb musicianship…” -Sheriar Press, Myrtle Beach, SC

“….Full Circle…deeply touches my soul. Every time I listen…I feel closer to myself and to God! This kind of gift is one of the greatest gifts one can give…”
-Ron Schlegal