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Curtain Falls

This lyrical ballad featuring cello accompaniment celebrates self-love and/or offers comfort to a friend.


Bricks In The Wall

The theme song of the album addressing the less obvious and publicized aspects of domestic violence also features Margaret’s flute and piano playing.


This haunting ballad featuring piano with full band reminds us that Love can pull us through even in the darkest of hours.

You Must Have Heard Me Pray

The gratitude in obtaining custody rights is the subject of his lyrical ballad with full string arrangements.


The Life We Never Had

Classical music inspired this tear jerking mid tempo song featuring violin, flute and cello.


Just One Night

This pop ballad is the perfect love song for an up and coming female pop or country artist a la Faith Hill or Vanessa Williams. It would also work well in a romantic feature film during the rolling of credits.


This longing ballad with female vocals and featuring solo piano will leave the listener feeling reminiscent.


Life’s Storms

An introspective pop ballad featuring female vocals and piano.

Another World

Written from experience about the many people caught in the tragic events of 9/11 in New York City, this fully produced ballad is perfect for film and TV documentaries or a dynamic piece for a full-range female artist (a la Martina Mc Bride). (vocalist Deanna Jones)


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