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Children's Songs

Super To Be Me*

The first song from the SAFE through the arts collection. The song corresponds with the first key component,

Self-Affirmation, which encourages children to think on their own unique positive attributes. The puppet characters from SAFE through the arts program reaffirm their own unique positive attributes and encourage young children to do the same.

Teacher Beaver’s Preamble*

Patient and benevolent teacher beaver inspires young children to think about how to use their “happy hand and friendly feet” in an upbeat rap.

Happy Hands And Friendly Feet*

An upbeat empowering children’s song from SAFE through the arts program. Friendly Frog from the Philippines and Charlie Chipmunk from California inspires children to use their “happy hands and friendly feet” at all times and reminding children to make good choices of their actions.

I Like You and I Like Me*

The upbeat song featuring Spanish lyrics and instrumentation, corresponds with the first key component, Self-Affirmation, which celebrates diversity. It reminds children that we can like and be proud of ourselves and also form friendships with those who have different backgrounds from us.

I Can Be*

“I Can Be” is another empowering and upbeat children’s song from Songs from SAFE through the arts that embraces diversity. It fits into the second key component, Financial Literacy, which focuses on children thinking about empowering sustainable future for themselves.

I’ve Got Value*

An empowering melodic ballad for young children featuring a solo flute. The lyrics encourage children to remember that they are valuable and inspire of what people may say. This song corresponds with the second key component, Financial Literacy.

Have You Heard The Word Bird*
Stop Count To Ten!*

A children’s songs featuring Asian instrumentation reminds children to take a break and count to ten when they feel Sad, Tired, Or in Pain. The song helps children positively cope and deal with their emotions.


This upbeat children’s song consists of recaps from the Songs from SAFE through the arts collection such as Super To Be Me, Happy Hands and Friendly Feet, I Like You and I Like Me, and I Can Be featuring the entire cast of characters.

Bunny Moon And Monkey Sun

This is a gentle children’s lullaby featuring lead and harmony female vocals, and featuring acoustic flute and piano.


Hugging Day Bug

This cheerful up-beat children’s song features female vocals and piano, and has a jazzy/blues feel.



A positive song for promoting character education in our schools. Upbeat with a catchy hook, kids love to sing this song. Recommended for unison choral groups in second through sixth grades.


Room To Grow

This uplifting song is ideal for moving up ceremonies and gives thanks to teachers and parents for their love, guidance and hard work in helping young people move forward in life. Suitable for elementary school choruses. (vocalist Faith Ahmed)


Better World For You And For Me

A very upbeat gospel-style song that gets kids up on their feet and moving! Students will want to join the chorus just to sing these positive lyrics set to a groovy beat. Recommended especially for elementary or middle school choral groups.



*These songs are part of SAFE through the Arts, a bullying prevention program, which utilizes the creative and performing arts in order to empower young children. It is currently geared towards Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms in urban public schools.

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