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Instrumental Ballads

Leaving You Behind (Curtain Falls Instrumental)

This instrumental ballad featuring cello really embraces comfort and love.

Lost For Words (Bricks in the Wall Instrumental)

Lost For Words- A ballad in a minor key, this is a sorrowful and slower-tempo instrumental.

Moonlit Reunion

This pop instrumental ballad features acoustic flute and piano, and expresses hopefulness and calm.

Grateful Heart (You Must Have Heard Me Pray Instrumental)

An instrumental ballad featuring strings and piano, which promotes hopefulness.

Air (The Life We Never Had Instrumental)

A light and cheerful instrumental featuring a classical chamber ensemble and elegant cello.

Tears Of Grace (Montreal Instrumental)

A pop instrumental ballad featuring solo piano will leave the listener reminiscent and longing.

Love’s Victories (Life Storms Instrumental)

This uplifting hopeful instrumental features acoustic piano, and has a steady beat.

Conditions of Happiness

Suitable for radio airplay, this relaxing up tempo piece for flute, keyboard and percussion is perfect for the ride home from work.

In Search Of Completion

As the most sophisticated piece on the album, this passionate piece is a showcase for acoustic piano utilizing many elements of classical composition.

Rahuri Sunset

Inspired by a pilgrimage to India, this is a lyrical, meditative piece for solo flute accompanied by a soundtrack of crickets.

Love Takes Time

A dreamy instrumental composition in the New Age genre featuring flute.

Full Circle

Quiet and serene, this memorable melody played on flute is gently accompanied by synthesizer and a bird soundtrack.

In The Direction Of Home

A passionate, mood-evoking melody with flute, piano, synthesizers – Margaret Bernstein , cymbal – Warren Dennis Kahn.

Living In Lagunitas

A meditative mood piece integrating authentic nature sounds (stream, birds, etc.) flute, piano, synthesizers – Margaret Bernstein Embracing Intimacy – a Romantic keyboard interlude piano, synthesizers – Margaret Bernstein.

Where Do We Go From Here?

A slower interspective rendition of the title track, bringing closure to the musical journey with flute, piano, synthesizer – Margaret Bernstein.

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