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Instrumental Mid Tempo

Blessed (Divine Blessings without flute)

An uplifting feel-good mid-tempo instrumental song in the pop genre with build.

Believing (Believe instrumental-no melody)

An instrumental ballad in the pop genre.

Moving Forward (Breath of Air)

An upbeat instrumental song in a minor key featuring piano.

Joining Hands (The Fight to be Strong Instrumental)

This uplifting pop instrumental is a mid-tempo production and features Margaret’s piano.

Southern Sunset (Let You Go Instrumental)

This instrumental country ballad features fiddle and mandolin and brings about a sense of peace.

Proud Of You (Light at the End of the Tunnel Instrumental)

This mid-tempo pop instrumental, which features piano and mallets has a hopeful and uplifting feeling.

Thunderous Trials (Distant Thunder Instrumental)

This mid-tempo pop instrumental featuring piano has a driving beat and is motivational.

Triumphant Times (Hard Times Instrumental)

An instrumental featuring flute, that builds to fill the listener with hope and cheer.

Skipping Along (Where the Grass is Still Green Instrumental)

This track is a hopeful pop instrumental featuring up-beat piano.

Fresh Air (Partridge Run Instrumental)

This elegant but poignant instrumental in a minor key features acoustic flute and piano.

Embracing New Frontiers (Cinderella Falling Instrumental)

This mid-tempo pop instrumental features piano, and has a head nodding beat as the track builds.

Last Slow Dance (Before You Leave Instrumental)

This instrumental pop ballad with strings and acoustic piano, is a passionate and cinematic song with a steady beat.

New Life Journey And Dance 

Beginning with a flute duet evoking longing of the spirit, the piece engages grand piano and bass in creating a lively up tempo mood.

Song For Michael

This youthful, cheerful melody for flute, piano and chimes evokes happy childhood memories.

Joy In My Life

A simple joyful piece for flute and harp.

Understanding Integration

A dreamy, spatial composition reminiscent of ocean waves.


A melodic, classical-sounding tune with flute, sampled strings – Margaret Bernstein , cello – Gay Dunn.

Awakening Hearts And Souls Dance

A lyrical, flowing, waltz-like melody flute, piano, sampled strings – Margaret Bernstein , cello – Gay Dunn.

Embracing Intimacy

A contemporary classical composition for flute and piano evoking a sense of longing.

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