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Mid Tempo


A country ballad featuring female vocals and Eamon O’Rourke on fiddle and mandolin.

Breath Of Air

This up-tempo song with full band production deals with the emotions involved with the realization that there may be something amiss in the relationship.


The Fight To Be Strong

This anathematic song rings true for women who have suffered domestic abuse while offering courage and hope.


Let You Go

This lyrical country ballad features the fiddle and mandolin playing of Kathy Mathea’s Eamon O Rourke with full band.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Hope and encouragement are the themes of the concluding song of the album performed by full band with the accompaniment of bells and harmony vocals.


Distant Thunder

This mid-tempo Full production with female vocals and featuring piano has a head-nodding and driving beat.


Hard Times

This hopeful production with female vocals and featuring flute has a march-like beat.


Where The Grass Is Still Green

This pop song with female vocals spreads awareness for teen substance abuse.


Partridge Run

A nostalgic pop ballad with female vocals which features acoustic flute, piano, and violin.


Cinderella Falling

This full production with female vocals and featuring piano has a hip hop/head-nodding beat.


Before You Leave

This cinematic pop ballad with female vocals is passionate with steady beat.


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