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April 2015 News and Notes

Margaret’s song “Believe” is now Available on I tunes!

Margaret’s song “Believe” is now available on i tunes! Margaret’s song, “Believe”, which she wrote as an anthem of youth empowerment, is now available on i tunes! The song, which was originally written for children of the Schenectady School District, has been the theme song for the SAFE through the Arts violence prevention program for the last several years. All proceeds from the digital release of the song will benefit the SAFE through the Arts program.

Welcome Niomi!

Growing Azalea Music would like to welcome our new office manager, Niomi Papol. Niomi, a junior at Greenville High School, enjoys singing in her school choir and spending time with her four siblings. She hopes to pursue a career in music therapy after completing college. Niomi will be helping with the monthly newsletter among other responsibilities.

News From Azalea Blossom

Azalea Blossom, the not for profit 501c3 organization, which Margaret founded in 2007 for the prevention, awareness and education of domestic violence and child abuse, has recently appointed Andrea Gross to the Board of Directors. Andrea is a certified New York State educator and mother as well as a seasoned photographer residing in Upstate New York. For further information about Azalea Blossom’s mission and SAFE through the Arts violence prevention program, please visit our new website at

Did you Know?

Margaret teaches private lessons in flute performance and songwriting. As a seasoned teacher and performer with two New York State teaching certifications and over thirty years of teaching and performing experience, Margaret brings expertise, creativity and enthusiasm to the lessons.


Inspirational Person of the Month

In honor of her 90th birthday, the Inspirational Person for the month of April is Margaret’s mother, Bunty Kelley Bernstein, a former dancer with Sadler’s Wells (Royal Ballet) in London, England.

Inspirational Place of the Month

The inspirational place of the month of April is Chelsea, London.



Bunty B, Catherine F, Jocelyn S, Bob P, Victor L, Eva K, Michelle F, Jeanie L, Rob F, Bobbi B, Rachel C-S, Raina S, Margaret F, Janet F, Holly R, Mike S, Mark W, Caleb & Hannah K, Darlene R, Mary Lloyd D, Amanda T, Bob B, Cody D, Elise W, Kate B, Beth M, Leon K, Dina B, Ellie C, Robin S, Adele W, Nadine M, Liane W, Ashley M, Cyrene P, Anastasia B, Gabie O, Elise W, Jyoti S, Scott W, Peter G, Penny G, Eric, Steve G


To high school seniors everywhere for their hard work and persistence resulting in acceptances into prestigious Colleges, Universities, and Music Conservatories throughout the Nation.

In Need of Prayer

To the Choi family on the recent tragic loss of their daughter/sister Khayla Rose and their dear friend Christina.To anyone who is in need of hope, love, compassion, nurturing and/or healing.

Quote of the Month

“ People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within. ~Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

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