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December 2013 News and Notes

Margaret's Music Sale-Now Through the End of December!

From now until the end of December, all CD’s are only $9.99! You can choose between Margaret’s most recent singer-songwriter CD, “Distant Thunder”, soothing instrumental albums and a special collection featuring instrumental renditions of some of your favorite holiday tunes! Growing Azalea Music Store Margaret Bernstein Store

Last Call for End of the Year Tax Exempt Donations for SAFE through the Arts

SAFE through the Arts utilizes the creative and performing Arts to educate young people on self-empowerment and the prevention of violence. We can only do this through support. For more information on how to make a tax-deductible contribution, please contact us at Thank you for your patience and support as we wait for the new Azalea Blossom website to be launched in early 2014!

Margaret’s Music on Women of Substance Radio

Some of Margaret’s original renditions of traditional carols can be heard on “Women of Substance” Internet Radio Station this month. You can hear her on two different holiday sets along other indie and major artists (including Norah Jones and Lady Antebellum) on Tuesdays from 2-5 PM EST and Wednesdays from 2-7 PM from now until Christmas. WOSradio

Margaret Continues to Rank at #1 Regionally on the Reverb Nation Pop Charts!

For almost every week since the beginning of the year, Margaret has ranked regionally as the #1 pop artist on the Reverb Nation charts! You can listen to music and become a fan by visiting


Inspirational People Margaret’s inspirational people for the month of December are seven of her fellow Recording Academy members. Although they did not receive Grammy nominations this year, they are definitely winners in every way.

Inspirational Place Inspired by Margaret’s son Julian’s recent run of performances at Proctor’s theater in downtown Schenectady, December’s inspirational place is the city of Schenectady in upstate New York.



– To Michelle Harris and Ariel Teperman on the birth of their daughter, Zoe.

– To Elizabeth and Matthew Talbot on the birth of their daughter, Mani-Ann.

In Need of Prayer

– To anyone in need of a friend, anyone in need of food and shelter and all people and animals who are suffering mentally, physically or emotionally that they may receive the love, comfort, peace and support that they need this holiday season.

Birthdays Julian J, Ellen R, Danny E, Katherine H, Gilian J, Becky C, Tom L, Tex H, Jeff W, Sage A, Jayme A, Chelsea F, Sara D-H, Maryann D-R, Karen R, Lauris W, Mani I, Mehera I, Marc D, Thomas K, Brian D, Daniel L, Taylor P, Harley M, Brad M, Susan A, Liane A, Pris H, Julie R, Noreen G, Gary K, Alexandra S, Radha F, Lisa S, Tamara M. Debbie G, Tara T, Scott M, Ellen V, Naja A, Pris H, Julie R, David M, Donita M, Liane B.

Quote of the Month

“Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.” (Barbara Miller)

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