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December 2014 News and Notes

New Holiday Single on iTunes

Margaret and the Growing Azalea Music team and happy to announce the release of her new holiday single,”North Pole”, which was, in part, inspired by her years living on a Christmas Tree farm in upstate New York.

Upcoming Performances

Margaret has a few flute performances this month in conjunction with the holiday celebrations throughout the Hudson Valley and Capital Region of New York. In addition, her son, Julian, will be performing in a variety of capacities with a variety of different ensembles throughout the Albany area this month. For further information about these concerts, please see Margaret’s performing calendar at and

Where to purchase Margaret’s CD’s

Perfect for the holidays is the diverse selection of Margaret’s Uplifting Instrumental music and Socially Awakened Songs available from her online retail store. She even has a special “Holiday and Lullaby Collection” in addition to her new holiday single.Please feel free to visit our stores to hear sample selections of the music!

SAFE through the Arts tax exempt donations

SAFE through the Arts utilizes the creative and performing Arts to educate young people on self-empowerment and the prevention of violence. We can only do this through support. Tax-deductible contributions made to Azalea Blossom, the 501 C3 organization responsible for the SAFE through the Arts program can be made via paypal. Thank you very much for your support! (website to be re-launched soon!)


Inspiration Person

In honor of his eighteenth birthday this month, Margaret’s inspirational person for December is her very talented percussionist son, Julian Jacobs.

Inspiration Place

The Inspirational place for the month of December is the city of Montreal, Canada, which is not only a favorite wintertime destination but also was part of the inspiration behind a song on her “Distant Thunder” CD.



Julian J, Ellen R, Danny E, Voke E, Katherine H, Gilian J, Becky C, Tom L, Tex H, Jeff W, Sage A, Jayme A, Chelsea F, Sara D-H, Maryann D-R, Karen R, Lauris W, Mani I, Mehera I, Marc D, Thomas K, Brian D, Daniel L, Taylor P, Harley M, Brad M, Susan A, Pris H, Julie R, Noreen G, Gary K, Alexandra S, Radha F, Lisa S, Tamara M. Debbie G, Tara T, Scott M, Ellen V, Naja A, Julie R, David M, Donita M, Liane B.


To Margaret’s songwriting colleagues Nitanne Paris, PJ Ju and Lucy LeBlanc on their recent songwriting successes.To all nominees in the 57th annual Grammy awards.

In Need of Prayer

To Everyone in need of a friend, anyone in need of food and shelter and all people and animals who are suffering-mentally, physically or emotionally that they may receive the love, comfort, peace and support that they need this holiday season.

Quote of the Month

“The best listeners are often those with the quietest heart.” (Marie Sabillo)

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