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December 2015 News and Notes

Please Support the SAFE Through the Arts CD on! Your tax deductible donation of any amount is needed in order for us to be able to move forward with the SAFE through the Arts program.

SAFE through the Arts, an educational program utilizing the creative and performing arts to empower youth and prevent violent behaviors including bullying, gives students skills to help build their self esteem. Thus, increase knowledge and understanding of their self-worth to develop positive interactions with peers, teachers and parents. In our ever-changing turbulent world, it is crucial that young children learn how to affirm and empower themselves.

Music has always been an important vehicle for social change. All children (especially young children) respond to the melodic and rhythmic components of music, which is why the SAFE through the Arts CD needs to be a vital part of the SAFE through the Arts program for the PreK and Kindergarten population.

You can make your tax exempt donation to the SAFE through the Arts CD on Thank you for your support!

Where to Purchase Margaret’s CD’s this Holiday Season

Margaret’s four solo albums of her Uplifting Instrumental music and Socially Awakened Songs are available for purchase this holiday season in addition to a special holiday & lullaby digital album and a special holiday single “North Pole”. We offer reduced pricing for the holiday season. Please visit our stores to hear sample selections of the music! Thank you for supporting independent musicians.

Music Available for Your Special Event Whether you need music for an upcoming holiday event or are planning a wedding in your near future, Growing Azalea Music has ensembles of different instrumentals and sizes to meet your needs.

Upcoming Performances Margaret’s Upstate New York performances include an appearance at Rural Residence (316 Warren Street) during the Winter Walk in Hudson this Saturday, December 5, from 5 – 8 PM and a performance with the Village Voices at Conkling Hall in Rensselaerville on Saturday, December 19.

Welcome Linda! Growing Azalea Music would like to welcome Linda Gaeta, a music industry veteran, to our office. Linda will be assuming the role of Operations Manager.


Inspirational Person In honor of his birthday this month, the inspirational person of the month is Margaret’s Godfather, Tex Hightower.

Inspirational Place The Inspirational place for the month of December is New York City’s borough of Brooklyn.



– Congratulations to Azalea Blossom’s Secretary Andrea Gross on her new job as an inbound sales representative at Time Warner Cable, her new home, and for acquiring some of Margaret’s chickens.

In Need of Prayer

– To everyone in need of a friend, anyone in need of food and shelter and all people and animals who are suffering-mentally, physically or emotionally. May they may receive the love, comfort, peace and support they need this holiday season.


Julian J, Ellen R, Danny E, Voke E, Katherine H, Gilian J, Becky C, Tom L, Tex H, Jeff W, Sage A, Jayme A, Chelsea F, Sara D-H, Maryann D-R, Karen R, Lauris W, Mani I, Mehera I, Marc D, Thomas K, Brian D, Daniel L, Taylor P, Harley M, Brad M, Susan A, Pris H, Julie R, Noreen G, Gary K, Alexandra S, Radha F, Lisa S, Tamara M. Debbie G, Tara T, Scott M, Ellen V, Naja A, Julie R, David M, Donita M, Liane B, Loretta L, Jamie C.

Quote of the Month

“I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world; that it alone can overcome hate; that right can and will triumph over might.” (John Rockefeller)

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