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January 2015 News and Notes

Grammy Music Educator of the Year Award

It is a documented fact that students involved in school music programs, regardless of their socioeconomic background, score better on test scores, have significantly higher attendance and graduation rates as well as higher proficiently in reading. The National Academy of Arts and Sciences recognizes this with an Music Educators Award. Unlike the other Grammy awards, which are voted on solely by Recording Academy members, The Music Educator award is voted on by the general public. The deadline to vote for your favorite music educator (kindergarten through University level) is March 15th. Please see for further facts on why music education is so important and to cast your vote. Thank you!

Upcoming Performances

Margaret’s son, Julian, will be performing percussion with the Empire State Youth Orchestra’s production of Carmina Bureana at the Palace theater in Albany, New York later this month. For further information about this as well as upcoming concerts, please see Margaret’s performing calendar at and

Where to purchase Margaret’s CD’s

Even though the holidays are over, it is always the perfect time to add Margaret’s Socially Awakened Songs and Inspiring Instrumental Compositions to your musical repertoire. Please feel free to visit our stores to hear sample selections of the music! and

SAFE through the Arts tax exempt donations

SAFE through the Arts utilizes the creative and performing Arts to educate young people on self-empowerment and the prevention of violence. We can only do this through support. Tax-deductible contributions made to Azalea Blossom, the 501 C3 organization responsible for the SAFE through the Arts program can be made via paypal. Thank you very much for your support! (website to be re-launched soon!)


Inspiration Person

In honor of their birthdays this month, Molly and Merwan Irani, Margaret’s longtime friends, are in the inspirational people of the month.

Inspiration Place

The inspirational place for the month for the month of January is the quaint and historic town of Grafton, Vermont, which Margaret and her family recently visited in honor of her son Julian’s eighteenth birthday.



Carrie L, Tony A, Pamela P, Trissie B, Mehera K, Nancy E, Bekka F, Alan W, Doug D, Michelle S, Heather G, Denise S, Marvin S, Greg C, David G, Patty E, Juniper L, Ira G, Amber M, Eric T, Maeve S, Marilyn B, Ian A, Lori C, Glen M, Molly I, Merwan I, Luka R, Aaron H, April H, Helena H, Ann A, Pat B, Bill K, Deb M, Maggie M, Anne G, Kerry M, Bill K, Ken S, Chaz H, Jelal C, Laurence M, Emily S, Leah R, Heidi R, Deborah A, Jason H, Max R


To Julian Jacobs on his recent acceptance to Indiana University.To Madeline Ouellette on her recent acceptance (early decision) to Vasaar College.To Noel Holloway on his recent outstanding solo performance with the ESYO Youth Percussion Ensemble.

In Need of Prayer

To Margo Muller and family for the recent loss of her mother.

Quote of the Month

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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