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July 2013 News and Notes

Celebrate Margaret’s 7/7 Birthday!

Margaret celebrated her birthday on Sunday, July 7th (7/7)! To help celebrate, you can purchase any of her instrumental or singer-songwriter CD’s on CD Baby for $7.07 for the month of July only. In addition, all digital downloads of her songs on i tunes will be sold for 77 cents. Enjoy!

Upcoming Performances in New York City and upstate New York

Margaret will be performing at Pianos bar, 158 Ludlow Street (at Stanton Street) in the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Monday, July 15th at 7 PM. We hope that you will join us for a great set of music featuring her original Socially Awakened Songs and Uplifting Instrumentals! Also, upstate New Yorkers, please note that Margaret will be performing at the Medusa General Store in Southern Albany County on Saturday, August 3rd. For more information about Margaret’s shows, please visit

Margaret’s Music on Women of Substance Radio

Margaret’s song “Distant Thunder” will be playing on the Triple A show on the “Women of Substance” internet radio station on Thursdays between 7 and 8 Eastern Standard Time (4-5 Pacific Time). . In addition, Margaret’s instrumental composition “Breaking Through” will be featured on the Eclectic show on WOS on Saturdays from 1-2 Easter Standard Time (10-11 PST).

News from Azalea Blossom

Were you aware that you can help raise money for Azalea Blossom, Margaret’s 501c3 organization dedicated to the awareness, education and prevention of domestic and social violence and child abuse, by searching the internet? Goodsearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo, which is set up to help raise money for charities. Simply go to and type in Azalea Blossom, Incorporated for your charity of choice. All money raised is used towards the SAFE through the Arts violence prevention program. Thanks for your support!


Inspiration Person

In honor of her July birthday, Margaret’s beloved Great Aunt, Katherina Forbes Dunlop,  is the inspirational person of the month.

Inspiration Place

The inspirational place for the month of July is the Kinhaven Music Camp, located in the beautiful rolling hills of Vermont’s Green Mountains.



Margaret B, Katherina FD, Marilyn L, Iris O, Alek S, Clare M, Marlena A, Ruth G, Everett R, Diane N, Diane S, Maria M, Jeanette R, Mary W, Mary G, Alexandra M, Faith A, Kyla P, Leela G, Dennis S, Rose R, Abe B, Ben B, Andrea T, Chris O, James M, Susan W, Richard R, Rob S, Alyson P, Ed L, Marty G, Marshall H, Katherine L, Vanessa M, Mandy K, Kevin C, Jordan E, Olayinka P, John S, Cassie B, Nancy G, Laurie C, Tony F, April C, Colin A, Beth G, Peggy S, Dana F, Kacee W, James M, Jamie N, Tom M, Katie R, Mary T, Ava and Marlowe O, Cecca W, Nan W, Prudence H, Ziek P, Dorothy C, Syd B, Kathy M, Mira K, Melody B, Ed H, Holly H, Dana F, Terri B,


To everyone who has recently made a positive change in their lives.

In Need of Prayer

To everyone who needs a little encouragement, healing and/or companionship.

Quote of the Month

“To penetrate into the essence of all being and significance and to release the fragrance of that inner attainment for the guidance and benefit of others, by expressing, in the world of forms, truth, love, purity and beauty—this is the sole game which has intrinsic and absolute worth.” (Meher Baba)

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