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July 2014 News and Notes

Welcome, Rachel! Growing Azalea Music would like to welcome Rachel Maloney, our new intern from SUNY Oneonta. A recent music industry graduate, Rachel will be working primarily on music video production this summer while learning about other aspects of the music business.

Music Video Productions this Month With the assistance of intern Rachel Maloney as co-producer and Megan Ott as director, Margaret will be filming two more music videos this month in Upstate New York – “Let You Go” from her “Bricks in the Wall” CD and “Before You Leave” from her “Distant Thunder” album.


Inspirational Person In honor of her July birthday, Margaret’s beloved Great Aunt, Katherina Forbes Dunlop, is the inspirational person of the month.

Inspirational Place The beautiful Edmund Nile Huyck Preserve, located in Margaret’s current home town of Rensselaerville, New York, is the inspirational place for the month of July.


Congratulations – To all high school seniors everywhere upon their recent graduation and acceptances into fine colleges, Universities and music conservatories throughout the country. Special recognition goes to Liane Weisheit on her acceptance into George Mason University (International Relations); Esther Witherall on her acceptance to Ithaca College (Violin Performance); Caitlin Hopkins on her acceptance into Utica College; Matthew Beauge on his acceptance into Louisiana State Univeristy (Viola Performance); Bailey Kuykendall on his acceptance into Hudson Valley Community College (Environmental Science) ; Anthony Simeonov on his acceptance to UC San Diego; Jared Paigo on his acceptance into SUNY Plattsburgh (Business Administration); and Everett McNear on his acceptance into the Hudson Valley Community College Engineering program.

– To Margaret’s son Julian Jacobs on his acceptance into three Empire State ensembles for the upcoming year including the positions of Principal Percussionist/Associate timpanist with the ESYO Youth Orchestra; Drummer with the ESYO Youth Jazz Ensemble; and percussionist in the ESYO youth percussion ensemble.

-To Growing Azalea Music’s former office manager, Jocelyn Stoddard, on her new position as Marketing Assistant at The Snell Group in Barre, VT.

In Need of Prayer – To everyone celebrating Ramadan this month that it may be a peaceful, inspiring passage of time. – To everyone who needs to make a new start in some area of his or her life that he/she may find the inner strength and courage to do so. Birthdays Margaret B, Katherina FD, Marilyn L, Iris O, Alek S, Clare M, Marlena A, Ruth G, Diane N, Diane S, Maria M, Jeanette R, Mary W, Mary G, Alexandra M, Faith A, Kyla P, Leela G, Dennis S, Rose R, Abe B, Ben B, Andrea T, Chris O, James M, Susan W, Richard R, Rob S, Alyson P, Ed L, Marty G, Marshall H, Katherine L, Vanessa M, Mandy K, Kevin C, Jordan E, Olayinka P, John S, Cassie B, Nancy G, Laurie C, Tony F, April C, Colin A, Beth G, Peggy S, Dana F, Kacee W, James M, Jamie N, Tom M, Katie R, Mary T, Ava and Marlowe O, Cecca W, Nan W, Prudence H, Ziek P, Dorothy C, Syd B, Kathy M, Mira K, Melody B, Ed H, Holly H, Dana F, Terri B,

Quote of the Month “And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.” (Meister Eckhart)

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