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June 2014 News and Notes

News from the Recording Studio

Margaret will be returning to the recording studio later this month to finish up recording her recent Holiday song, “North Pole”. Margaret’s son, Julian Jacobs, also recently graced the song with his beautiful mallet and violin playing!

Thank you, Jared!

The Growing Azalea Music team would like to thank recent SUNY Oneonta intern, Jared Doxey, for all of his dedication and hard work during the last five months. In addition to marketing music through various social media platforms, Jared performed several duties and responsibilities including assisting with licensing and re-organizing the music catalogue. We would like to congratulate him on his recent graduation and wish him every success for the future!


Inspirational Person of the Month In honor of Father’s Day this month, Gregory Cross, Margaret’s long-term friend, is the inspirational person of the month.

Inspirational Place of the Month The Schoharie Valley, located in beautiful Upstate New York,  is the inspirational place of the month of June.


Charlie N, Ariel H, Sam Z, Julie K, Docky R, Jane B, Gary G, Jess J, Nina S, Andrea M, Jimmy P, Chris R, Meg L, Joanne H, Rick L, Emi K, Patty P, Mitzie B, Matthew L, Chelsea C, Ben G, Paul B, Obe G, John M, Dick M, Kersti D, Barbara H, Louise C, Faith R, Rog C, Lydia M


To all members of the Empire State Youth Orchestra on their brilliant performance at Carnegie Hall earlier this month!To Growing Azalea Music’s former intern, Shannon Mingal, on her recent appointment as Marketing Assistant at Epic Records, New York City.To recent college graduates everywhere including Jyoti Segal (Mount Holyoke College), Rachel Bernstein (Parsons School of Design), Jonah Coe-Scharf (Yale University), Jared Doxey (SUNY Oneonta) and Sean Rooney (SUNY Albany).To percussionist Hannah Dick upon winning the Stefan Competition recently.

In Need of Prayer

To anyone who has recently lost a friend or family member.To anyone who needs a little extra support and love right now.

Quote of the Month

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” (John Quincy Adams)

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