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March 2015 News and Notes

News from Azalea Blossom

We are so overjoyed to finally announce that Azalea Blossom, Incorporated’s new website will be up and running on Sunday, March 8th to coincide with both International Women’s Day and Azaleation Day. You will now be able to learn more about the SAFE through the Arts program’s new focus into kindergarten and pre-K classrooms as well as read up on the newly re-vamped Bricks in the Wall shelter project. We are grateful for Dan Vidali of Tone Creative for his hard work on the site and hope that you will be visiting both our new site and other sites, which he and his partner Arielle have created for Upstate New York businesses.

Happy Azaleation Day!

Falling on the same day as International Women’s Day, this Sunday, March 8th is Azaleation Day, Margaret’s self- created day in which she remembers to celebrate her unique, empowered self. We invite you to also celebrate your beautiful uniqueness on this day and every day and fill your day especially with love!

Thank you Megan.

Megan Ott, who has been overseeing the Growing Azalea Music office during the last eight months will be leaving us this month. We thank Megan for all of her diligent work keeping the social media sites updated and sending out our monthly newsletters. We shall miss her and wish her every success in all of her future endeavors!

Where to purchase Margaret’s CD’s Even though the holidays are over, it is always the perfect time to add Margaret’s Socially Awakened Songs and Inspiring Instrumental Compositions to your musical repertoire. Please feel free to visit our stores to hear sample selections of the music!


Inspirational Place of the Month

The Inspirational Place for the Month of March is Brooklyn Heights, a prominent neighborhood located in New York City.

Inspirational Person of the Month

In honor of International Women’s Day, the inspirational person for the month of March is Martha Hill, a pioneer in the world of dance.



Dorothy L, James C, Herbie B-H, Denise G, Daniel S, Jim N, Pete G, Claire F, Paula L, Jacob L, Patrick F, Maddy O, Judy K, Jennifer W, Jonah C-S, Win C, Norm T, Art T, Alex E, Tracy M, John G, Elissa D, Sophia M, Rick G, Lauritz R, William F, Teri A, Sonny R, Ute B, David G, Dain K, Win C, Nora C , Dr. Seuss


To Maryann and Willy Diaz-Romero on the recent birth of their granddaughter, Harley Jacqueline Chase. Also congratulations to the proud parents, Katrina and Henrik.To Bekka Fink on her debut film premiere “For Here or to Go” at the Cinequest Film Festival.To all students nationwide who are participating in “Music in our Schools” this month.

In Need of Prayer

To Janet Nally on the loss of her dear friend Thelma.To Barb Sommerville on the recent loss of her beloved horse, Missy Hawks.To anyone who needs the courage to make a change.

Quote of the Month

“Ability is of little account without opportunity” ~Napoleon

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