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May 2014 News and Notes

Music New Instrumental Tunes on CDBaby

Seven of Margaret's instrumental compositions, including instrumental tracks from her "Distant Thunder" and "Bricks in the Wall" CDS have recently become available for purchase on iTunes. This new selection includes "Happy Memories", the song, which was previously used in an episode of "Off the Beaten Palate", a Canadian food and travel show from Detroit Public Television. Also included in the selection are the songs, which are currently being considered for use in VHI and MTV.

Did you know?

Margaret teaches private lessons in flute performance and songwriting. As a seasoned teacher and performer with two New York State teaching certifications and over thirty years of teaching and performing experience, Margaret brings expertise, creativity and enthusiasm to the lessons.

New Blogs Margaret generally has new blogs up on her website every Wednesday in order to correspond with Writers Wednesday. New blogs include her recent visits to Arizona and Yale University.


Inspirational Person Margaret’s friend, Mehera Makeig, is the Inspirational Person of the Month.

Inspirational Place The beautiful town of Sedona, Arizona is the Inspirational Place of the Month.


Congratulations – To Christina Nichol on the release of her new novel, "Waiting for the Electricity", which is set in the republic of Georgia. It will be available for purchase on Amazon in June.

– To Lisa Sniderman (Aoede) on the theatrical debut of "What are Dreams made of?" staged by the San Carlos Children"s Musical Festival, which shall take place at Mustang Hall, Central Middle School, 828 Chestnut Street, San Carlos, California on Saturday, May 24th at 7 PM. (For more information, please visit

– To high school seniors everywhere for their hard work and persistence resulting in acceptances into prestigious Colleges, Universities, and Music Conservatories throughout the Nation.

In Need of Prayer

– Anyone who is in need of hope, love, compassion, nurturing and/or a safe place to be. – To everyone who needs a little encouragement in taking the next step in their lives. Birthdays Mary Kate C, Katie C, Rebecca R, Paul H, Gus S, Scott H, Serena K, Erin O, Kerry M, Ellie K, Leslie C, Don R, George Rose, Tracy W, Gabriella P, Darren C, Astrid M, Claudia R, Dina SG, Kasheem, Larry T, Jill B, Rustom M, Nicki T, Deb W, Hana P, Jerry W, Judy M, Alyssa L, Don O, Adam W, Rob T, Barry K, Betty R

Quote of the Month

“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.)

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