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May 2015 News and Notes

Upcoming Performances Growing Azalea Music is highlighting the performances of Margaret’s son, Julian Jacobs this month as he performs his last few concerts with the youth jazz, percussion and orchestral ensembles of the Empire State Youth Orchestra before embarking upon his career at Oberlin Conservatory of Music as a dual jazz and classical percussion major. Please visit our websites in order to receive all the updated information. News from Azalea Blossom Azalea Blossom, the not for profit 501c3 organization, which Margaret dedicated to the prevention, awareness and education of domestic violence and child abuse is gearing up to launch the newly revamped SAFE through the Arts program targeted towards the Prek and K population. SAFE through the Arts is an educational violence-prevention and empowerment program utilizing the creative and performing arts as its main mode of instruction. Learn more about it as well as ways in which you can help at Inspiration Inspirational Person of the Month In honor of Mother’s Day, the inspirational person of the month is Margaret’s friend Carina Iezzy.

Inspirational Place of the Month The inspirational place for the month of May is Kaaterskill Falls, which is located in the beautiful Catskill mountains of New York. Acknowledgements Birthdays

Mary Kate C, Niomi P, Katie C, Rebecca R, Paul H, Gus S, Scott H, Serena K, Erin O, Kerry M, Ellie K, Leslie C, Don R, George Rose, Tracy W, Gabriella P, Darren C, Astrid M, Claudia R, Dina SG, Kasheem, Larry T, Jill B, Rustom M, Nicki T, Deb W, Hana P, Jerry W, Judy M, Alyssa L, Don O, Adam W, Rob T, Barry K, Betty R


To high school and college seniors everywhere for their hard work and persistence resulting in acceptances into prestigious Colleges, Universities, and Music Conservatories Masters programs throughout the Nation and abroad.To recent college and music conservatory graduates.

In Need of Prayer

To everyone who is experiencing a recent loss and especially to those missing a mother or child this Mother’s Day.To anyone undergoing a particularly emotionally challenging time.To anyone suffering mentally, physically and/or spiritually.

Quote of the Month “The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.” ~Honoré de Balzac

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