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November 2014 News and Notes

Upcoming Performances

Margaret and her son, percussionist Julian Jacobs, perform frequently in New York’s Capital District as well as throughout the Northeast. Julian’s performances in November include an appearance as the drummer in the Regional Area All State, which will take place in Saratoga Springs later this month. For further information about this and other concerts, please see Margaret’s performing calendar at and

Where to purchase Margaret’s CD’s

If you are new to the Growing Azalea Music newsletter, you may not be aware that Margaret has released four solo albums of her Uplifting Instrumental music and Socially Awakened Songs in addition to a special holiday digital album and digital singles. Please feel free to visit our stores to hear sample selections of the music!


Inspiration Person

In honor of her birthday this month, Margaret’s friend and violinist, Marla Bracco, is the inspirational person for November.

Inspiration Place

Inspired by a recent visit on a prospective college tour, Margaret’s featured place for the month is the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.



Megan O, Heidi S, Tori K, Dixie O, Marla B, Christina N, Bill G, Daphne P, Denise D, Liz C, Leela S, Elizabeth C, Carrie P, TR L, Grant B, Twain B, Damien T, Lydia O, Maraiya L, Marc F, Heather L, Jenny Z, Miss Craske, Laurie S, Olivia M, Laura P, Wendy R, Susan G, Carol M, Jennifer W, Amy M, Billy G, Bob E, Linda H, Emma P, Lisa G, Eva C, Michael P, Kelly M, Kim G, Drisana L, Betty L, Bob B, Melody D


To Margaret’s cousins Danny and Voke Elstein on the recent birth of their first child, Joshua Ethan Elstein.To Hannah Dick on her solo concerto appearance with the ESYO Youth Percussion Ensemble.

In Need of Prayer

To everyone who has recently lost a friend, family member or loved one.To all those who are in need of food, comfort or shelter this Thanksgiving season.

Quote of the Month

“Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture.” ~Kak Sri

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