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November 2015 News and Notes

Please help fund the SAFE through the Arts CD!

You can be in an integral part of the success of the SAFE through the Arts violence prevention program by helping to fund the SAFE through the Arts CD on Donations to the fan-funded campaign, which will run November 23rd through December 23rd, will be utilized towards the recording of  seven original songs, which Margaret wrote to help young children learn how to empower themselves. From “Happy Hands and Friendly Feet” (reinforcing appropriate ways for children to interact with one another) to “Have you heard the Word Bird” (reminding children to use kind and polite words), all of the songs are based upon the three key components of the SAFE through the Arts program: Self-Affirmation, Financial empowerment and Education of non-violence.

New Locations for Flute Lessons

In addition to teaching flute lessons in her Upstate New York studio, Margaret is now teaching flute lessons for all ages and levels in New York City! For inquired for lessons in Brooklyn and Manhattan, please contact


Inspiration Person

In honor of her birth day this month, Margaret’s Godmother and namesake, the legendary ballet teacher, is the inspirational person of the month.

Inspiration Place

The serene trails and waterfalls of the Huyck preserve located in Rensselaerville, (Southern Albany County) New York is the inspirational place of the month of November.



Megan O, Heidi S, Tori K, Dax O, Marla B, Christina N, Bill G, Daphne P, Denise D, Liz C, Leela S, Elizabeth C,  Carrie P,  TR L, Grant B, Twain B, Damien T, Lydia O, Maraiya L, Marc F, Heather L, Jenny Z,  Miss Craske, Laurie S, Olivia M, Laura P, Wendy R, Susan G, Carol M, Jennifer W, Amy M, Billy G, Bob E, Linda H, Emma P, Lisa G, Eva C, Michael P, Kelly M, Kim G, Drisana L, Betty L, Bob B, Melody D, Michael L, Aaron C


To Tasha Houghton and her horse Renzo for winning the 5 Star Grand Prix at the HITS Thermal Horse Park in California.To Michelle and Arielle Tepperman on the recent birth of their daughter, Noa.

In Need of Prayer

To all the people directly or indirectly affected by the recent terrorist attack in France.To all those who are in need of food, comfort, safety or shelter this Thanksgiving season.

Quote of the Month “Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.” ~Native American Saying

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