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October 2015 News and Notes

News from Azalea Blossom/ SAFE through the Arts

In honor of Domestic violence awareness month this October, please consider making a small contribution to Azalea Blossom, Incorporated, the non profit organization, which Margaret founded for the awareness, education and prevention of domestic violence and child abuse through the utilization of the performing and creative Arts. Azalea Blossom is currently seeking funding for the “Bricks in the Wall” women’s shelter project as well as for a CD of seven original songs, which will accompany the SAFE through the Arts Pre-K/Kindergarten program. The original songs, all of which were written by Margaret, are geared towards empowering young children through lessons about self- esteem, getting along with others, and managing emotions. All contributions are tax exempt and can be made via PayPal. Thanks in advance for your generous support!


Inspirational Person of the Month

Margaret’s father, Harry Bernstein, who would have turned ninety-eight years old earlier this month, is the Inspirational Person of the Month of October.

Inspirational Place of the Month

In honor of her class reunion later this month, the Waldorf School of Garden City, where Margaret spent the first ten years of her academic life, is the Inspirational Place of the Month of October.



Kayla C, Harry B, Jean C, Ed S, Bethany H, Mathea R Suzanne E, Yolanda V-K, Caris A, Nancy D, Barb S, Sarah R, Cindy O, Ann H, Danny C, Don S, Greg C, Janine H, Karen S, Melissa M, Suzanne D, Don S, Susanne R, Nicole M, Nicole B, Kim D, Peter C, Lance P, Amber V-P, Nick P, Tasos A, Gandhi, St. Francis, Betsy D, Dave S, Terry B, Lukkia G, Adrienne S, James N, Cynthia C-G, Donna P, Ela S, David L. Marilyn T, Jeanette M, Robert I, Andrea C, John A, Joe B, Tayla B, Alexandra C, Kate T, Brendan M, Deeda R, Eileen C, Jacqui S, Oliver Rufus Doggie Dog


• To all Recording Academy members who submitted music for consideration for the 2016 Grammy award ceremony.

• For everyone who has had the courage to make a change.

In Need of Prayer

• In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month – All victims of domestic and/or social violence that they may get the help and peace that they need and deserve.

• In honor of Cancer awareness month – To anyone currently fighting cancer and to all the families who have lost to loved one to cancer.

Quote of the Month

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud. “ – Coco Chanel.

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