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September 2013 News and Notes

“Reciprocity” Music Video Submitted for a Grammy Nomination Consideration

Margaret’s new music video, “Reciprocity” was recently submitted to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for a Grammy nomination consideration. Nico Nepola directed and Margaret co-produced the music video with former Growing Azalea Music intern Shannon Mingal. The music video also features the acting talent of Jason Oginsky, Ignacyo Matynia, and camera assistance by Paul Passantino.

Margaret’s Upcoming Performances

Margaret will be performing in Minneapolis, Minnesota and London, England later this month. Please check Margaret’s concert calendar for all the details!

Margaret’s Song to Commemorate 9/11

Margaret wrote “Another World” after she and her son boarded the last train out from New York City on that memorable day. Deanna Jones Falchook sings vocals on the song, which you can hear on Margaret’s Reverb Nation station.

News from Azalea Blossom

Were you aware that you can help raise money for Azalea Blossom, Margaret’s 501c3 organization dedicated to the awareness, education and prevention of domestic and social violence and child abuse, by searching the internet? Goodsearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo, which is set up to help raise money for charities. Simply go to and type in Azalea Blossom, Incorporated for your charity of choice. All money raised is used towards the SAFE through the Arts violence prevention program. Thanks for your support!


Inspiration Person

If you reside in New York State’s Capital District, chances are that you are already familiar with the music of percussionist Brian Melick, September’s Inspirational Person of the month.

Inspiration Place

September’s  place of inspiration is the town of Hastings located in East Sussex, England. One of the original Cinque Ports, Hastings is best known for the famous battle, which took place there with William the Conqueror in 1066.



Laura K, Joel M, Kimberly C, Barbara K, Benjamin B, Nick C, Lisa R-D, Nelta M, Dan N, Rob E, Ryan M, Lou G, Susan S, Ed M, Gard C, Alex O, Rain L, Raphael R, Karen N, Karen B, Rick D, Liz R, Elliot M, Wayne, Sharon D, Kya M, Laura V, Sierra P, Sonya S, Narayan C, Malak D, Mehernoush M, Kitty M, Kelsey K, Doug S, Michael F,    Pamela B-S, Norina E, Carl E, Liz H, Darlene K, Teresa M, John D, Anamyn A, Leslie W, Scott B, Dan S, Bif S


To Growing Azalea Music’s former intern, Shannon Mingal, for her new job as Lead Marketing Representative with Dower record label in New York City.To Margaret’s cousin, Rachel Bernstein, for recently being appointed as Creative Director of the new Style Line website. http://thestyleline.comTo college freshman everywhere for the willingness to embark upon new challenges.

In Need of Prayer

To college freshman everywhere for the willingness to embark upon new challenges.To anyone who is currently suffering from a severe depression and/or mental illness.To all educators everywhere that they may be Divinely guided to bring about positive change and growth in their young scholars.

Quote of the Month

“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I shall meet you there.” (Rumi).

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