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September 2014 News and Notes

New Music Videos

Margaret had the opportunity to make two more music videos of her original songs this summer in beautiful Upstate New York! Margaret collaborated on visions of songs from her “Distant Thunder” and “Bricks in the Wall” CD’s along with Megan Ott as director and behind the camera and Growing Azalea Music’s recent intern from SUNY Oneonta, Rachel Mahoney as co-producer. From the Cobleskill Sunshine Fair to the Medusa General Store to scenic spots and back roads of Rensselaerville, Margaret and her team helped to scout out the perfect places to bring her songs “ Let You Go” and “Before you Leave” to life. We are so grateful for April and Jason Caprio for their generous use of the store, all the extras in “Let you Go” and to Dave Rydelnik for his appearance in “Before you Leave”. We hope that you enjoy watching the videos as much as we enjoyed making them!

“Another World” on i tunes.

Growing Azalea Music has recently released “Another World”, Margaret’s song to commemorate 911, on itunes. Margaret wrote “Another World” after she and her son boarded the last train along the Hudson River out from New York City on that memorable day. Deanna Jones Falchook graces the song with her beautiful vocals.,


Inspiration Person

Margaret’s adopted niece, Megan Ott, is the inspirational person for the month of September.

Inspiration Place

Boston, Massachusetts is Margaret’s Inspirational place for the month of September.


September Birthdays

Laura K, Joel M, Kimberly C, Barbara K, Benjamin B, Nick C, Lisa R-D, Nelta M, Dan N, Rob E, Ryan M, Lou G, Susan S, Ed M, Gard C, Alex O, Rain L, Raphael R, Karen N, Karen B, Rick D, Liz R, Elliot M, Wayne, Sharon D, Kya M, Laura V, Sierra P, Sonya S, Narayan C, Malak D, Mehernoush M, Kitty M, Kelsey K, Doug S, Michael F, Pamela B-S, Norina E, Carl E, Liz H, Darlene K, Teresa M, John D, Anamyn A, Leslie W, Scott B, Dan S, Bif S

August Birthdays

Janet N, Lois J, Drew G, Deanna D-S, Deanna F, Ann P, Ravinder S, Cecilia N, Doran C, Ed H, Mary H, Kitty D, Adam A, Mimi F, Daniel F, Darienne D, Anna P, Jackson D-H, Aedan E, Sammy L, Max L, Arianna W, Catie Z-R, Brendan H, Julien A, Jessica P, Sydney R, Beverly S, Charlie and Tommy E, Arolee D, Paul W, Katie D


To Margaret’s cousins Alex and Rob Elstein on the recent birth of their daughter Chloe Lark.To Katy and Jake Lawton on the birth of their daughter, Jolie Isabella.To Katie Mulligan and Peter Booth on their recent marriage

In Need of Prayer

To the Worthy family and friends on the recent loss of our dear Tracy Worthy who passed away, as independent as ever, on July 4th. She will be remembered and loved by all who knew her for her courageous spirit and leadership throughout her life.To all educators everywhere that they may be Divinely guided to bring about positive change and growth in their young scholars.

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