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September 2015 News and Notes

News from Azalea Blossom/ SAFE through the Arts: New Project in need of Funding Azalea Blossom, Incorporated is currently seeking funding for the CD of seven original songs, which will accompany the SAFE through the Arts Pre-K/Kindergarten program. The original songs, all of which were written by Margaret, are geared towards empowering young children through lessons about self- esteem, getting along with others, and managing emotions. All contributions are tax exempt and can be made via PayPal. Thanks in advance for your generous support!

“Another World” on iTunes. In commemoration of 911, please consider listening to “Another World”, which can be purchased on iYunes. Margaret wrote “Another World” after she and her son boarded the last train along the Hudson River out from New York City on that memorable day. Deanna Jones Falchook graces the song with her beautiful vocals.


Inspirational Person of the Month In honor of a brand new school year, Margaret’s former flute professor at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music is the inspirational person of the month.

Inspirational Place of the Month In honor of Margaret’s son joining the freshman class there this month, Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music is the Inspirational Place of the Month.


 Laura K, Joel M, Kimberly C, Barbara K, Benjamin B, Nick C, Lisa R-D, Nelta M, Dan N, Rob E, Ryan M, Lou G, Susan S, Ed M, Gard C, Alex O, Rain L, Raphael R, Karen N, Karen B, Rick D, Liz R, Elliot M, Wayne, Sharon D, Kya M, Laura V, Sierra P, Sonya S, Narayan C, Malak D, Mehernoush M, Kitty M, Kelsey K, Doug S, Michael F,    Pamela B-S, Norina E, Carl E, Liz H, Darlene K, Teresa M, John D, Anamyn A, Leslie W, Scott B, Dan S, Bif S

Congratulations – To Colleen and David Flick, Barb Morrison and Clayre Saxon, and Rochelle Rowle and Micha Kuhar on their recent marriages. – To Eva and Dain Karlsen upon the recent birth of their grandchild. – To all college freshman everywhere.

In Need of Prayer – To all teachers that they may guide and educate with wisdom, compassion and love. – To all young adults beginning their college or professional careers that they may make wise and elegant choices. – To everyone living  in a climate in need of rain.

Quote of the Month “ You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.” ~Yogi Bhajan

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