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Spring 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the Spring, 2020 Growing Azalea Music Newsletter! 

Growing Azalea Music is the music publishing company and record label featuring the music of songwriter/flutist Margaret Jean Bernstein (AKA Margaret Bernstein).

It is the sister company to Azalea Blossom, Incorporated, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization responsible for the SAFE Through the Arts Bullying Prevention Program. 

Rainwater Runs Deep to release this Friday! 

Margaret’s fifth solo album of original material,  “Rainwater Runs Deep” is due to be released this Friday, April 24th. “Rainwater Runs Deep” is the second album in a trilogy of rain-themed albums and the follow-up album to “Distant Thunder”. Whereas “Distant Thunder” is a premonition of things to come if we don’t hear the Earth’s warnings, “Rainwater Runs Deep” is about living in the intensity of the storm of disasters. This album could not have been released at a more poignant or appropriate time. You can pre-order the album here now! 

In addition to a few heartbreak songs, “Rainwater” also includes the wrenching song “Daughter” about an adopted runaway teen and “Shadows Fall,” which describes the life of a girl subjected to child abuse. The album was produced by platinum producer Barb Morrison and engineered by Jonathan Jetter. In addition to Margaret’s soulful singing, piano playing and virtuosic flute playing, the album also features the background vocals of Kristen Marlene Amrhein; cello by Gabriel Dresdale;  Iris Ornig on bass and Marla Bracco on violin. Margaret’s son, Julian Jacobs, plays drums throughout the album. Barb and Jon are also responsible for guitar and additional bass parts. 

The album will be available for sale digitally on iTunes and all digital music platforms and physical CD’s will also be for sale through our website, The first thirty people who purchase a physical CD of “Rainwater Runs Deep” will also receive a complimentary copy of “On the Threshold of Change”. The first one hundred people who order physical copies of “Rainwater Runs Deep” will receive autographed copies. Due to the current pandemic, Margaret’s tour is postponed by a few months. 

Thank you for your support of indie artists and record companies. 

Footsteps single 

Footsteps, The first single from “Rainwater Runs Deep”, has been released! The song, which was written and sang by Margaret, also features her virtuoso flute playing. Footsteps is available through all digital media outlets including iTunes and Apple Music.  

New Websites

When you visit the Growing Azalea Music at, you will see a whole new look! You still will be able to browse the catalog of artists and songs, listen to tracks, view the gallery, watch music videos and read our blog! In addition, you will be able to shop from our new store. The new website, featuring Margaret’s music and her work as a non profit leader and educator, is scheduled to be up and running by early next week. Please feel free to visit. In addition to listening to music and learning more about her SAFE through the arts bullying prevention program, you will be able to read Margaret’s interesting life story and inspirational blogs from this site. 

Visit our store

Our new store will be selling all of Margaret’s solo instrumental and singer-songwriter albums as well as the award winning “Songs from SAFE Through the Arts.” This is a collection of songs, which were written specifically for the SAFE Through the Arts bullying prevention program. All proceeds from the album go directly towards the program, which serves 4-6 year olds in urban public schools throughout New York State with diverse and economically challenged populations.

New YouTube Channel 

Please visit Margaret’s new YouTube Channel,  Margaret Jean Bernstein. In addition to music videos, you will be able to listen to many of Margaret’s instrumental tracks. When you subscribe to Margaret’s new YouTube channel, you will be notified when there is new content including, two new, upcoming music videos featuring tracks off “Rainwater Runs Deep” in the near future. Stay tuned! 


Beguine is a classically inspired trio composed of pianist/composer Mark Kelso, cellist/composer Gabriel Dresdale and flutist/composer Margaret Jean Bernstein with the mission to play music that “inspires and unifies.”  The ensemble performs an eclectic mix of classical, celtic and popular pieces intermingled with their own original compositions. Beguine performs for weddings and special occasions and is currently booking for events beginning at the end of August. Please visit to listen to their work and for further information. Beguine will be featured on WeddingWire/ The Knot. 

Thank you Nour! 

Great thanks goes out to Nour Yamanita, a senior music industry major at SUNY Oneonta since January. During the internship, Nour made outstanding accomplishments including re-designing the Growing Azalea Music website and coordinating the "Rainwater Runs Deep" record release. In addition to their marketing and design skills, Nour is also a very talented singer and songwriter. Their band, “It Keeps Snowing” can be heard on bandcamp at We wish Nour every possible wish of success for an industrious career in music. 

We wish all of you peace and wellness during this unprecedented time. Please stay safe! 

With All Best Wishes,

The Growing Azalea Music Team

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