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What follows Distant Thunder?

Rainwater Runs Deep

Margaret Jean Bernstein's Rainwater Runs Deep is out April 24.

   Growing Azalea Music is home to Margaret Jean Bernstein, an award winning singer-songwriter, flutist and composer. Her songs range from instrumentals to singer-songwriter. Whether it is her melodic piano or flute, or inspiring lyrics, Margaret's music will move you. You can purchase her works below. 

Margaret’s most recent singer-songwriter CD contains 12 original, fully produced songs, including the hit single “Cinderella Falling.”

Virtuoso flute playing on ten original compositions ranging from lyrical to upbeat with piano, jazz guitar, and acoustic cello accompaniment.

Virtuoso flute playing on ten original, uplifting and spiritual compositions, from lyrical to upbeat, with piano, acoustic strings, and nature sounds. Digital Version.

Not only stands alone as an inspirational compilation of positive songs from children, but it is also a part of the SAFe through the arts bullying prevention program.

For the awareness and healing of domestic violence, a compelling album portraying a woman’s journey from domestic violence to self-fulfillment.